Sitting here in the hospital waiting for our second baby girl to arrive. She’ll be here any time now, but at this point there isn’t anything to do but wait. Right now I can’t help but think about names.

Names are very important things, they cary power and meaning. By what you call something you show where you stand on something or what you think of it.

Pro-choice, pro-abortion, anti-abortion, pro-life – depending on which you use it shows how you feel about the issue of abortion, and how you feel about those who are on the other side of the issue.

Pro-vaccine, safe-vaccine, anti-vaccine – they all show where you stand on the risk-reward scale of the vaccine issue, and the safety of not only yourself but also your children and the children of those around them, and if you trust in science or the pseudo-science of the wooney tunes peddling cure-alls and magic water.

Christian, Muslim, Pagan, Catholic, Baptist, agnostic, atheist – religion, and lack thereof, in all of its guises both unifies and divides, and much of that rests on the rallying banners of “Us” and “Them.”

Evens in the real of personal names it makes a difference. Do you present yourself casually, or in a more formal manner. Jennifer, Jen, Jenny; Richard, Rick, Ricky, Dick; to some degree it influences how people will think of you and in some ways it shows how people think of you.

In the grand scheme of things names are very important. Very soon now one more will be added to the world: Abigayle Victoria, and I can hardly wait.

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