Welcome to the Labyrinthine Library

The Labyrinthine Library, what is it? Why is it here? Does the world really need another blog? Where did the name come from? Did you really have to name it something so hard to spell?

All very good questions. Questions I will endeavor to answer here.

The Labyrinthine Library, to put it simply, is the best way I have every found to describe the way my mind works. My thought processes follow strange pathways at times, and my synapses are filled with years of random trivia, pop culture references, and snippets of information on a myriad of subjects that have caught my interest at one time or another. The Labyrinthine Library is my attempt to give my thoughts some semblance of order and share them with the world, because knowledge kept is knowledge lost, while knowledge shared is knowledge magnified. I’m certain that the world doesn’t really need yet another blog out there, and I am sure that I am no Orac or Phil Plait , but I have things to say, and if anything I post helps even one person in some way then this blog will have served its purpose in being. The name itself is a recent development, a little while back a friend of mine (Carolyn) tossed out on Twitter that she was trying to come up with a domain name for the site she was planning as a place to put her writing blog, so of course being the word geek that I am I began tweeting all the silly things that came to mind. Among all of that was one that just wouldn’t leave after I put it out there, it bounced around inside my head and refused to go away, until at last there was that eureka moment when I realized that the reason it wouldn’t leave was that it belonged there. After years of trying to explain to people how my mind works, and failing again and again, those two words managed to sum it up better than all the volumes I could ever write. So then, with much encouragement from my best friend Jenny the Labyrinthine Library was born.

What will you find in this library? A bit of everything, really. One of the main focuses will be on the ins and outs of art and graphic design, my particular area of expertise. In addition to design entries will touch on topics ranging from science and skepticism to the ranting and raving of ultra-conservative pundits and wooney toons to being a parent and a progressive minded individual living in the heart of the Bible Belt with stops just about everywhere in between.

Who am I? Never an easy question to answer. I am, first and foremost, a father with one beautiful baby girl and a second on the way any day now. (The sooner the better as far as my long suffering wife is concerned.) Beyond that I am a graphic artist, having worked professionally in offset print media for around ten years now. In that time I have seen trends come and go, and watched as the industry changed dramatically. A career in design wasn’t always the plan, a life long science geek my original major in college was aerospace engineering with dreams of designing the next generation of spacecraft. Some time around the end of my first year I came to a realization, aerodynamics wasn’t what I enjoyed, rather it was the creative process of design that I loved. So here I am, still a geek to the core, lover of all things scientific even though I don’t work in any of its fields, and looking forward to teaching my girls the joys of scientific discovery when they are older.

So what does that make me? A father, a husband, an artist, a designer, a skeptic, an amateur scientist, a geek, a nerd, and a hundred other things, but here, here I am simply the Librarian.

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